A series of lectures about color as a cultural phenomenon.
What affects our color perception and how?

Color is the most elusive aspect of visual culture and its systematization has been a subject of heated debate for a very long time, which can make color studies extremely frustrating. On the other hand there is an open interpretative field where it’s hard to stay indifferent. You probably wouldn’t know what to say about a certain color, but you will definitely react.

Miranda Priestley and the blue sweater, Goethe Vs. Newton, girl Riley on pink toys, blue that is too green, Bactrim cough syrup and fish oil, Quentin Tarantino and Mike Nichols, Elizabeth II and Pantone, grandpa’s garters and grandma’s hollyhocks…

Act I
Influences on color perception: culture, commerce, visual communication and memories.

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Act II
Influences on color perception: color theory and art history.

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Color as emotion. Review of the entire Chromapost project.

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Act IV
Real-time creation of a participatory artwork on the spot. The visitors incorporated their own emotions into a collaborative work of art. Details >

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Production: Mikser, 2013
Photo: Andrej Dolinka

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