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Chromapost (formerly known as ChromaTweet) is an ongoing nano-blogging project where each post consists of a single color tone. The daily moods, feelings, and experiences are compressed into one piece of information: color.

One chromapost per day, every day.
No white (FFFFFF) or black (000000).
The title of every post is the hexadecimal code of the color.

The first Chromapost: 1 April 2009

28 March 2018
Eight Piano Days

An audio-visual piece that translates eight 'Piano Day' chromaposts into music.

15 October 2017
Chroma Applets

Byproducts of programming experiments for Chromapost.
Sound applications and color games.

10 February 2017
Chromapost Outgrowths 2015-2017

PDF catalog of Chromapost Outgrowths. 78 pages, 5.8 MB

7 December 2016
Chromapost Sound

Translating chromaposts into music.

21 November 2016
Chromapost Liquitex Translations

Chromapost sequences have been rendered with a custom set of Liquitex Basic acrylic paints.

7 November 2016
Becoming a Design Entrepreneur

Chromapost feature in the newbook about design entreprenurship by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico.

18 June 2016
Chromapost Translations 2

Chromapost sequences have been rendered with various media with limited sets of colors.

9 June 2016
"Why That Color?" for UP.GRADE

‘Why That Color?’ is series of lectures about color as a cultural phenomenon. (What affects our color perception and how?)
UP.GRADE is postgraduate program of Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie in Berlin.

31 May 2016
Chromapost feature in Novum Magazine 06.16

17 May 2016
Chromapost Pigments

14 April 2016
Chromapost Books

15 March 2016
Interview for The Chromologist

5 March 2016
Chromapost Translations

Chromapost sequences have been rendered with various media with limited sets of colors.

1 January 2016
Chromapost Year 2015

22 December 2015
Chromapost October 2015 [Transitions]

Transitions between days/colors of October 2015
Oil pastel on paper
31" x 25"

1 October 2015
Chroma Tarot

Each card from Chroma Tarot is one color.
The symbology of every card from the Major Arcana suit (22 cards) is derived from various Tarot traditions and sources and then summarized into a single color.

29 September 2015
Chromapost 2 Dec 2013 - 5 Jan 2014

5 September 2015
Chromapost [3 September - 7 October 2013] Leftovers

Six pieces made of the leftover paint from
Chromapost [3 September - 7 October, 2013] painting.

27 June 2015
Chromapost at Mapping Knowledge EXPO

"6 Years of Chromapost, Hue Distribution" is featured at Mapping Knowledge exhibition (Mundaneum in Mons, Belgium).

24 May 2015
Chromapost [3 September - 7 October, 2013]

Painting, 40" x 30"
Acrylic on canvas

1 April 2015
Chromapost has turned six

Six Years of Chromapost Calendar.
All chromaposts since the begining, 1 April 2009. 2191 days.
Download poster

12 March 2015
Chromapost Social Network is now open to the public

1 January 2015
Chromapost Year 2014

14 October 2014
Chromapost feature in
'Infographics Designers' Sketchbooks'

By Steven Heller and Rick Landers
Princeton Architectural Press, 2014.

7 September 2014
Why That Color? Why Not?

Podcast interview with Aleksandar Maćašev about color and Chromapost by Tom Parish.

12 May 2014
Chromapost feature in Print Magazine

Conceive. Make. Sell (8 design entrepreneurs)
by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico
Print Magazine, June 2014. The Innovation Issue.

28 April 2014
Chromapost December 2013 Painting

30/40 in
Acrylic on canvas

4 April 2014
'Why That Color?' Blog

Chromapost examines influences on our color perception through a series of articles for Munsell Color Blog.

1 April 2014
Chromapost New Year!

COLOR = DATA: a series of data visualizations of the previous five years of Chromapost.
(1 April 2009 - 31 March 2014, 1826 colors/days)

1 December 2013
Chromapost Messenger Bag Prints, Edition B

40 digital prints that accompany each of the 2nd edition Chromapost Messenger Bags.

14 November 2013
Chromapost Passages (June 2011 / August 2012)

20 September 2013
Chromapost Messenger Bag, opening reception

Saturday, 28 September 2013, 2-5 PM.
Brooklyn Industries store in DUMBO.
70 Front Street, Brooklyn.

18 September 2013
Chromapost Messenger Bag

Chromapost Messenger Bags by Brooklyn Industries made of vinyl from the Chromapost Dumbo installation.

16 September 2013
Chromapost Messenger Bag Prints, Edition A

40 digital prints that accompany each of the 1st edition Chromapost Messenger Bags.

3 September 2013
Chromapost 3 September 2013

Collaborative Chromapost artwork on the spot.
Chromapost Sessions, Act IV.

23 August - 3 September 2013
Chromapost Sessions at Mikser House in Belgrade

Lectures, presentation, slide projections, poster and a collaborative artwork on the spot.

5 May 2013
Chromapost August 2012 painting

2 April 2013
4 Year Anniversary Poster

Four years (1461 colors) in one poster.
1 April 2009 - 31 March 2013.

18 September 2012
ChromaTweet > Chromapost


The ChromaTweet project has changed its name to Chromapost.
Some older parts of the project will still be called ChromaTweet, while everything related to the project in the future will be called Chromapost.

9 July 2012
ArtBridge WALK: ChromaTweet

Artist's guided tour of the ChromaTweet Print in Dumbo, NYC.
Saturday, July 21, 12-1 PM
Register here:
Organized by: ArtBridge

8 July 2012
ChromaTweet Social Network

Chromapost Social Network based on the ChromaTweet artwork is launched in its testing stage. Join us!

26 April 2012
'Chromatweet June 2011' painting
at the first annual ArtBridge Spring auction

Friday, May 4th, from 6-9pm at the HighLine Loft in the Chelsea Gallery District.
ChromaTweet June 2011 painting >

1 March 2012
'Chromatweet: Can You Feel Color Now?
interview for Tones, Pantone® newsletter

6 March 2012
Armory Arts Week, NYC, 2012

WALK yourself! ChromaTweet Daily from Dawn to Dusk.
ChromaTweet print in DUMBO as a part of 'Walk Artbridge' during the Armory Arts Week 2012.
'Grab your friends and tour the colorful emotional landscape of this unorthodox and creative New York City-based artist.'

ChromaTweet print amongst the highlights of the Huffington Post's Armory Arts Week preview.

23 September 2011
ChromaTweet Outdoor Print in Dumbo

ChromaTweet in Dumbo

Two years worth of ChromaTweets (1 April 2009 - 31 March 2011) have received a 100 meter printed outdoor treatment in Dumbo, Brooklyn, as a part of the Dumbo Arts Festival 2011.

Location of the artwork:
Water street, between Old Dock St and Main St.
Chromatweet Location

Presented by ArtBridge

© 2009-2018 Chromapost

Emotional Footprint

How it started

There are three main impulses that inspired me to start the Chromapost project.

In the age of atomized online communication I was wondering whether we could go beyond the 140 characters in Twitter. Can we say something with even less? Spoken/written language has limits in respect to how much we can communicate with few words, even though Twitter really affected the way we communicate and even speak to each other. There are already plenty of acronyms in the English language, but word-shortening has become common practice. There are even written algorithms that shorten your message if it is longer than 140 characters. But that's about it. You cannot go much further than that, from micro to nano. So my mind has turned to the visual language. In 2006 I started a blog art project called Margins (, which is basically an intimate visual online diary/blog. Each blog entry has one photo and probably more compressed text through interpretation than the space the picture occupies.
The next step would be to compress or shorten information even more, and it occurred to me that I could do it with a single color. On the other end, the audience would "unzip" such an entry in their own way.

My second impulse is to play with color as much freed from the conventions as possible. In my art and design practice I have used color pretty scarcely. My focus was always on the the line and form. Color seemed to me as redundant as an ornament. And I stick to that Adolf Loos' statement that ornament is a crime. Even when I used color it was very mathematical and based on pretty strict theories I was taught in school (Josef Albers and Johannes Itten's Bauhaus experience, complementary pairs, harmonies, color wheels...). I had a feeling that I was missing something very exciting. It was emotion. A very simple colored field or an abstract composition can affect you just like music. (Kandinsky springs to mind). It overrides your rational judgement and goes straight to your heart. So I started a journey where I could map my emotions through color.

The third impulse is to share my intimate life with the world. Basically that's how I began my art practice. I wanted to share something with the people around me. If you cannot say it or write it you can make art out of it. That impulse became even stronger with the expansion of the expression on the Internet in the 90s and online social networking in 00s. You can use Chuck Palahniuk's line from Haunted, "public is the new private," the other way around too -- "private is the new public". In that respect Margins is more explicit than Chromapost. With Chromapost I reached that fine balance of public/private. We live in the age of over-sharing after all.

How it works
At the end of the day I try to recap my daily experience by picking a particular tone. I open Photoshop and slide across the color map as I try to summarize my feelings and moods during that day. I keep adjusting hue, lightness and saturation until I'm done. It is a fairly quick process. A couple of minutes and it's already posted.

I decided to use hexadecimal color values, because I can use the same color for both screen and print and it's cross-platform friendly. There's 16 million color tones to choose from. (Which could be around 44.000 years worth of Chromaposts without repeating the same color value twice).

Color meaning
Adding a meaning to a single color is like adding meaning to a single musical note. On the other hand color is supercharged with meaning, from culturally induced to the very personal. It's like a compressed file. A lot of things come out when you unzip it.

I try to be as personal as I can get, but I cannot totally amputate culturally inherited meaning. Despite choosing a precisely defined color each day, the experience is still relative, since everyone's eye receptors receive the same wave lengths in a slightly different way, and color reproduction varies , depending on the output and the context. And there lies the beauty of it. I pack my day into a color tone, people on the other end unpack it and feel maybe something totally different.

Chromapost is an online experiment, but it has started to seep into other media as usually happens with my work. Monthly or annual sheets of daily strips of color produce those interesting patterns. Color combinations are totally accidental and I find this avoidance of the usual color harmonies quite refreshing, especially when tones interact with each other. I look at it as my own version of Color field art. Some friends even used some samples as color themes for their blogs. On several occasions I made ambient print works out of annual sheets. I even started experimenting with painting, mixing acrylic color that would match a particular hexadecimaly defined tone.

A. M.